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Our Mission

Delivering the best Music for audiovisual projects

Additive Production is a music and sound production company for the audiovisual industry.

Directed by Olivier Militon, multi-award-winner Composer and Sound Designer, the company supports all the music and sound of your projects.

3 poles of complementary activities

Additive is distinguished in three poles of complementary activities:

Production : for production activities, executive co-production of music for screens.

Studio : for music and sound recording activities.

Music Publishing : for the tracks and albums as well as the artists editorial follow-up.


Original Music

Additive Production works with a network of experienced professional composers for original, tailor-made, accompanied and relevant music.

The company has significant experience in all formats, and can respond to any request.

Music Production

With its experience in this area, the company has surrounded itself with the best musicians, orchestras, sound engineers and mixers.

Additive takes care of all the executive production of your project, from a computer to the large symphony orchestra.

Sound & Musical Identity

The sound identity is one of the keys to standing out from the competition, with tailor-made, unique work.

Sound design

Additive Production has significant experience in sound creation.

Foleys, Sound design, sound editing are supported in our studio.

Artistic Direction

The company, through its expertise in terms of musical and sound production, takes charge of your projects from the begining to the end.

Voice over

Additive works with many providers for the voice-over of your project.


For more informations on our activities / a quote or any other question.

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email : contact@additive-production.com